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CosmicAdventures 2018

Updated 1/11/20 - New collage coming soon...
It’s that time again to welcome in the new year and a new decade, welcome to the roaring 20’s! We are still chilling in Vegas, even though it’s not really our kind of city we do love exploring the desert and southwest region of the country, so this place is working out for us- for now. Over the last year we’ve been pretty much keeping a low profile, just exploring local and regional areas. Imogen is in Kindergarten this year and doing great there, her reading skills are amazing. Mulder is 12 now and doing well despite some arthritis. We still get a walk in daily, although it’s a little slower these days. Meanwhile, Charlotte and I are always researching, planning, and dreaming about the next big trip or move, so who knows what positive changes and adventures are around the corner. I have a feeling 2020 will be a great year for us and I hope it is for you too. As one of our favorite movie characters Buzz Lightyear would say, “we are ready to blast off to infinity and beyond!”

The 2018 collage descriptions are starting in the top left hand corner and then circling clockwise towards the center.
1. Selfie at Channel Islands National Park, California.
2. Charlotte, Immy and Mulder hiking Whitney Mesa in Las Vegas.
3. Mangona Family reunion in LA.
4. Sunset in Saguaro National Park, Tucson AZ.
5. Lighthouse on Anacapa Island, Channel Islands NP.
6. Desert scenery in Organ Pipe National Monument AZ. This picture looks like it could be the right side of the lighthouse picture next to it, but while the terrain looks similar they are very different places.
7. A really big joshua tree among thousands of joshua trees in Mojave National Preserve, California. This photo was taken at night when it was pitch black out, a big aperture (1.8) allowed a lot of light and color in the photo.
8. The first new car we've bought since the 90's. Breaking down in the desert is not an option so we decided a new family car for road trips was necessary. No regrats, except one letter and that monthly payment.
9. Jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium in California.
10. Old Town sign at Mt Charleston just west of Las Vegas.
11. Some street art that I can relate to on 4th Ave in Tucson, AZ.
12. The Las Vegas Strip at night as seen from the High Roller Observation Wheel in the Linq. It is currently the tallest ferris wheel in the world at 550 feet and definitely worth the ride.
13. Wild burro (donkey in English) cruising the streets of Oatman AZ, a fun old fashioned town on Route 66. Maybe this will be the year of the donkey politically speaking; I think we've all had enough of dumbo and the alternate reality show.
14. One of my favorite pictures of the year. It was taken at Sonoran Desert National Monument just west of Phoenix. This was just after sunset so even though it was dark out there was still enough light in the sky combined with the lights from Phoenix to get this great effect that looks like the northern lights. I guess you could call it Phoenix lights, not to be confused with the UFO event Phoenix lights.
15. A wine sign near Paso Robles California.
16. Hiking at Bryce Canyon National Park.
17. A really big saguaro Cactus at Saguaro NP, they live over 100 years!
18. We met up with my cousin Karla and her partner Jeff on the Las Vegas strip to have lunch at Guy Fieri's restaurant.
19. A nice scene from Capitol Reef National Park.
20. Pinnacles National Park, California.
21. The house where Butch Cassidy grew up near Circleville, Utah.
22. Charlotte and Immy on one of their many hikes with the Mountain Moms group.
23. Self Portrait at the Green Valley District in Henderson.
24. Another self portrait at the pier in Oceanside California.
25. Mulder is a doggie with places to go, this was taken on of our many daily walk routes from the house. It's a trail that leads to a local park and Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.
26. Family picture at sunset on Whitney Mesa in Henderson, NV. Frenchman mountain is in the background.
27. Charlotte enjoying a nice lunch at Peruvian restaurant Cafe Secret in Del Mar California.
28. Meeting giant Pando in person. It is believed that this connected grove of aspen trees is one of the oldest living organisms on earth up to 80,000 years old.
29. Getting my kicks on route 66 in Arizona.
30. An Ocotillo flower at Saguaro National Park.
31. Hiking Kelso dunes in Mojave Desert National Preserve.
32. Another look at sunset on Kelso dunes.
33. Seven Magic Mountains just south of Las Vegas.
34. Old building in Kelso California in the Mojave Desert.
35. Mission San Xavier del Bac church south of Tucson AZ.
36. Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.
37. Visiting with my Sister Tara and family in Oakland, CA.
38. Enjoying diner style lunch with Charlottes dad in Boulder City, NV.
39. Immy is in preschool this year, this is one of her school photos. Now she says my name is Imogen not Immy. Growing up so fast...
40. Family photo in Balboa Park San Diego, CA
41. Imogen having fun at Monterey Aquarium in California.
42. Mulder with that look that says "got treats"?
43. Imogen and Mulder hanging out.