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CosmicAdventures 2019

Updated 10/28/20
There haven’t been any written updates on this site for a while, so I wanted to give a brief update on current events and our status. The previous blurb was from early February this year and said something to the effect of what a fantastic year 2020 will be- which seems a bit outdated now. 2020 has been a tough year for us, and it seems most people in the world have suffered some difficulties or at least uncertainty this year. Although things haven’t turned out how we hoped this year, we have adapted to the pandemic and all the other crazy things going on in the world. We are grateful that we haven’t been infected with Covid-19, and are managing to get by in these tough times without too much trouble. We hope all of you out there are doing well and making lemonade out of the lemon that 2020 has turned out to be. We are hopeful that 2021 can be a much better year for us, for the country, and the entire world. Everyone stay safe and be strong, better times are just around the corner.

The 2019 collage captions start in the upper left hand corner and work around the picture in a clockwise spiral. I had to skip around in a couple spots like for the last two pictures, but it should be easy enough to find the correct picture by the description and you can click on the collage for a bigger version. Cheers!
1. The one, the only, half dome at Yosemite National Park
2. Drinking Pliney the Elder on draft in Trukee CA, if you know beer then you know
3. Sunset on some shopping cart art in the desert, Nipton CA
4. Starry night at Kings Canyon NP, CA
5. When you can’t go to the real Paris there is always the fake one right here in Vegas
6. Hiking Waterton Canyon in Red Rocks National Monument
7. Charlotte ironically finds Scranton Rd in San Diego while on a business trip
8. Just one of the many beautiful scenes while driving over the famous Tioga Pass in Yosemite NP
9. Skiing at Heavenly Lake Tahoe. At this amazing ski resort you can ski two states in one day, surprisingly it’s the first time I’ve actually skied in California and I have to say “I’ll be back”
10. A marmot photographed at Tioga Pass in Yosmite NP
11. Imogen having some fun at the local park
12. Immy at Badwater Basin
13. Immy and I just having fun on a random day after school.
14. Vacation at Lake Tahoe, this is Emerald Bay State Park.
15. Family Christmas photo
16. Squaw Valley, home of the Winter Olympics 60 years ago
17. Nevada has some really dark skies once you get away from Vegas so I’ve been getting into night photography lately. This was taken near Great Basin NP on highway 50, aka the loneliest highway in America
18. Another night photo taken hwy 50 and hwy 93 intersection, of all the night photos I took this year this one is my favorite
19. Mulder chilling in his usual spot in La Casa
20. Immy got some Paw Patrol face paint at a local festival
21. Immy got to feed a real giraffe at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas. We don’t have a zoo here but this place is pretty cool, especially if you like lions and one big giraffe
22. Family day out hiking on one of the many great trails around Las Vegas.
23. An old classic car found at Great Basin National Park
24. Plenty of dirt roads in Nevada going to off the grid locations, so much to explore out here.
25. Futuristic looking car and some teepees found in the desert at Nipton, CA
26. Big towering sequoia trees at Sequoia National Park
27. Charlotte, Immy and Mulder hiking the railroad tunnel trail at Lake Mead National Recreation Area
28. Immy on the trail
29. Immy having fun at the Mandalay Bay Shark reef exhibit
30. Group photo at the shark reef
31. The Yucca sign at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas
32. To the right of the Yucca sign is some neon art that Immy made of Randal, her favorite character from Monsters Inc who is of course the bad guy
33. Lake Tahoe just before sundown
34. Mulder acting like a puppy at the local park
35. View of the local bike trail just a few blocks from where we live
36. The surreal international car forest near Goldfield NV
37. The girls getting an ice cream flight in a hipster type of place in Reno NV
38. As hot as it gets in Vegas it’s amazing that we occasionally get snow too
39. Charlotte and I out on a date night at the Wynn Casino
40. Immy graduated preschool and was pretty excited about it, now she is in kindergarten
41. 150 miles to the next gas station, somewhere around area 51; there ain’t much out there but cows and ufo’s
42. The Ward Charcoal Ovens state park in Nevada near Ely
43. Skipping down a bit to the last two pictures, the biggest little city in the world sign in Reno. We really like this town, it’s a little old school, quirky, rough around the edges but fun and kinda reminds us a bit of Portland before everyone in the country moved there.
44. Charlotte and Immy having fun in this airstream at the coolest sports store I’ve ever been to, Scheels in Sparks NV