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CosmicAdventures 2016

Updated 1/11/17
Happy New Year everyone! There have been a lot of changes for us in the last year, to read more about this see the latest blog entry "Viva Las Vegas" in the blog section. I just finished the new photo collage for 2016 and will add some captions soon. The 2015 photo collage and all of the other previous collages can be seen in the gallery in the collages section. We hope you all have a great year and check back with us in the near future for some more updates.

Charlotte has posted some recent microblog entries on her website at JavaFoto and has a link to an Instagram feed that you can view if you follow her there. Until next time keep on traveling and have a great 2017!

As always I'll list any new updates on the main page sidebar. If you would like to see a larger version of this collage just click on the picture to open a bigger size, you may need to click on it again to expand that photo. Cheers!

The 2014 collage descriptions are starting in the top left hand corner and then circling clockwise towards the center.
1. Charlotte, Imogen, Mulder and me hiking Anthem Hills park in Henderson Nevada close to our new home. If you look at the full size pic you can see part of the Las Vegas strip in the background.
2. Charlotte, Immy, and me in Maui Hawaii last spring.
3. Our first visit to the Las Vegas Strip since moving here.
4. Having dinner with Grandma at Khao San, Bethany Oregon.
5. Mt Shasta, California- 14,180'. That is one big volcano!
6. Driving above the clouds at Haleakala National Park, Maui Hawaii.
7. Immy slip sliding away.
8. The high roller in Las Vegas. The biggest ferris wheel in the world at 550 feet tall.
9. Immy says no more paparazzi please!
10. Immy on her first real hike in the woods close to our old home in Hillsboro Oregon.
11. The very rare silversword plant in Haleakala National Park, Maui Hawaii. It lives up to 90 years and only blooms once at the end of its lifetime. This was the only one in bloom at the park at the time. It was about 4' tall and absolutely spectacular!
12. Mulder and I on one of our daily walks in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.
13. The native Oregonian in this picture (Immy) is not sure what to think of all this sunshine here in Nevada.
14. Immy running in the sand at Oneloa Beach at Maui, Hawaii.
15. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas NV.
16. Mulder and I taking in the sunshine on our daily walk close to our new place in Henderson NV.
17. Mulder running through the woods on our daily walk in Oregon.
18. Immy with Grandpa Rejean.
19. My hard earned Bachelors degree which was completed in the fall of 2016. I blurred out my last name because I'm just not ready for fan mail yet.
20. A hot cup of coffee on a cold and rainy fall day in Hillsboro Oregon at the Longbottom Coffee shop. It took lots of coffee and tea to finish that degree.
21. The annual Christmas picture. This year we moved to Henderson Nevada in December just in time for the holidays.
22. A view of the crater at Haleakala National Park in Hawaii. I didn't intentionally take this picture to stitch together with the one on the right but it does fit almost perfectly, although taken in a slight different spot.
23. A look at the island of Lanai Hawaii from Napili Bay Maui.
24. Another view of Lanai from the coastal trail on Maui.
25. The next picture is actually a collage within a collage. I lifted this from Charlottes Instagram account so the top picture is our New Years Day photo with Eric, Winnie, and cousins Abby and Ethan. Below that is a picture of some homemade flan, and a picture of Immy playing with the cousins.
26. This night photo is of some trains downtown at old town Sacramento, California.
27. Mulder and I had a chance to visit with Tara, Ryan, and my nephew Kane on the first trip down to Vegas.
28. Immy is really having fun with the slides, this time at a park in Henderson NV.
29. Immy playing in fountains during a trip to Salem Oregon last summer.
30. Just another really cute picture of Imogen.
31. Immy likes to say "I ride Horsey" then jumps on Mulder.
32. Immy and I having selfie fun, and then using the B&W filter from Instagram.
33. Charlotte and Immy on Mother's Day.
34. The road to Hana on Maui, Hawaii. This was a true adventure. We drove the whole road and it was quite the ordeal. Lots of one lane bridges, blind curves, crazy local drivers, cliff hugging drop-offs. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but some pretty cool sights along the way.
35. A side road from Hana to a little town along the way. Very remote place, you feel lost out here like you are in South America or Asia, its another world.
36. Immy does her best impression of Taylor Swift during one of our stops on the Road to Hana.
37. Immy walking around the local park in Oregon like a big girl.
38. The ride side view of the crate at Haleakala NP.
39. Immy got to visit with cousin Ethan, Aunt Karen and cousin Amy in Dallas.
40. We met up with Charlotte's cousin Muay and her family in Olympia Washington.
41. Immy with Lolo, Tita Marie, cousin Mika, and Tito Francis and Marvin in Dallas, TX.
42. I had the chance to go snorkeling at Kapula Bay Maui, Hawaii and ran into several friendly sea turtles.
43. Charlotte got some Hawaiian shaved ice and banana bread on one of our stops on the way to Hana.