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CosmicAdventures 2020

Updated 2/24/21
2020- it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and it was the most boring of times. The pandemic really put the brakes on everything we normally would have done this year, but it wasn’t all bad. We took the opportunity during quarantine to rest, reevaluate, and reboot. With the exception of one day trip to nearby California Mojave desert, we never left the state or southern Nevada all year. It just didn’t feel right to try and force travel plans when so much chaos was going on in the world. Instead, we decided to lay low and do what we could to stay safe and keep others safe. That is still our plan until we can get vaccinated. Our sympathies go out to anyone who has suffered any kind of loss or hardships over the last year.

We are thankful that despite the crazy circumstances of everything that went on in 2020 things have been ok for us. We’ve done a lot of puzzles, video games, reading, movies, cooking, crafts, projects, local hiking, and revived some old hobbies. I’ve taken up playing guitar again after not touching a guitar for over 20 years. Although my guitar playing is pretty dreadful, it’s been really fun learning and has kept my spirits up over the last year. 2021 has been somewhat of a continuation of last year, but vaccines are slowing rolling out and the outlook for a return to mostly normal life later this year is looking good. The last year, and really the last few years have been crazy times. Without going on too much about it, I’ll just say that things seem to be going in a better direction now, and I’m hopeful for a more positive and united future. To everyone out there, stay safe and may your tomorrows be better than your yesterdays.