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Mt Bross, CO- Elevation 14,172- 06/13/03

Norm and I hiked this just a week after our chilling experience on Quandary, which he now calls Quandering after we got lost. We hiked Bross from the Kite Lake trailhead and didn't know the better route is to hike up Democrat and then circle over to Lincoln and Bross. Norm picked out Bross on the 14ers poster because it looked easy so we were set on hiking straight up it. The trail was 2.8 miles round trip and 2170 feet elevation gain. The hike started out nice but the trail quickly deteriorated as we ended up hiking through a gully of loose shale and dirt. It seemed every time we took one step up we would slide half a step down. This was very frustrated and made that part of the hike rather unpleasant. Although crossing over to Lincoln and Democrat was an option we decided to make a quick descent since the storms were moving in. The hike took us about 3 hours up and less than 2 down.

A good look at Bross from the trailhead, he hiked up the gully with the snow in it, on the left in the picture. Its hard to tell where the true summit is since the summit is so huge and flat. I walked all over the top area and never did find the register.

This is Mt Democrat, the preferred hike from Kite Lake, all the way up we could see the nice trail on Democrat and thought how nice and easy of a hike that must be.

This picture is a little under exposed, but it is of Norm when we first started hiking up the rocks.

Norm makes it to the summit and says "I'm out of my comfort zone, lets get outta here?"

Me on the summit with Mt Democrat in the background.

Me on the way back down another gully route that wasn't really much better than the way up.

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