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Mt Elbert, CO- Elevation 14,433- 10/17/03

Big Daddy Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. It's second only to My Whitney in CA for highest peak in the continental U.S.

This was a solo hike on October 17th, 03. The south Elbert trail head started at about 10,400 and it was an 8 mile round trip hike that took about 8 hours. The elevation gain was 4000 feet and this was a class 1 hike with a nice easy trail all the way to the top. The most difficult part was that it just seemed so long, especially the final mile. I also made several stops since I was making a video during this particular hike.


One of my favorite all time pictures, this is a turn off the 4WDR road and would be so pretty during the fall turning. In any case I still like the picture because it looks like its leading you to a better place. Much of the lower elbert trail through the treeline looked like this as well.

I just got this jeep because my old one had 230,000 something miles on it and just couldn't handle these rough 4WDR trails anymore. I figured if my old one made it that far on the original engine and transmission I would invest in a used one that had 100k+ miles on it. Like they say its a jeep thing.

Not far from the trailhead I cross a sign for the Colorado Trail and this marker pointing the way to Big Elbert.

The trail just above the treeline, I can only guess that these dead trees help mark the trail when it is covered in snow.

Looking back on the trail.

Here is a shot looking up at the summit, its farther than it looks.

It was 50 degrees at the top, unbelievable for this time of the year. The Twin lakes are in the background.

Here is the register at the top and a monument someone placed on the summit.

A couple of birds on the way down, I think they are grouse or ptarmigans. Good thing Steve isn't on this hike, surely he'd have his gun out trying to shoot one of these for dinner.

Finally back at the trailhead. This is what it looks like to hike in the dark by yourself, don't try this kids its hard to see the mountain lions coming when its dark out.


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