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Mt Evans, CO- Elevation 14,264- 07/26/2003

My long time buddy from Jr High, Brian Wilson visited from Florida and I took him up to hike Mt Evans. He got a little bit of altitude sickness but still made it to the top like a real warrior. This is one of the two peaks where you can drive up to the top, then hike a short distance to the summit. As you can see in some of the pictures there are many tourists here that like the take the easy way up. Our hike was starting at Summit Lake, then across the long ridge line which can be seen from Denver. We started at the Summit lake trailhead which has 2260 feet altitude gain and is about 3.5 miles round trip if you descend the Northeast face, which I did. The hike up took about 3-4 hour, and I was down in less than an hour. Brian got sick so he hitched a ride down. I have also hiked up to summit lake from Echo lake and camped at the Chicago lakes on another trip. Echo lake to the Evans summit is 4600 feet elevation gain and 14 miles round trip, making it a little difficult for a one day hike. 

Here is Brian ready with his Gatorade in hand, he still isn't sure what exactly we are doing, but we're climbing across that ridge line to the Mt Evans summit which is on the far left, the trail is on the far right and goes around the lake then across the ridgeline.

Here is a picture looking down at the Chicago lakes from the Summit lake Trailhead, I have also hiked that the year before which was a difficult class II+, at least the route we took was.

He is Brian on the bottom half of the trail which was rocky but not to bad at all.

This is the upper part of the trail which was class II and there really was no trail, just climbing over rocks. Brian is surprised to see snow in July since he never sees it in South Florida.

A picture of me with Mt Bierstadt in the background and the sawtooth ridge which connects Evans and Bierstadt is on the right, I haven't climbed that ridge yet.

Brian says "I feel like I'm going to throw up, but at least I made it to the top!"

A self portrait with Summit lake in the background.

A nice picture of Brian trying to hold his cookies down, and all the tourists at the top of Evans who hiked all 200 feet from the top of the road.

Just in case you didn't see it the first time, yeah that is where we were.

After hitching a ride down Brian feels better and is ready for the next Colorado adventure, biking at Winter Park.


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