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Mt Huron, CO- Elevation 14,003- 07/30/04

Mt Huron is barely a 14er but qualifies as the Colorado 14er that is farthest from a paved road. For this reason I wanted to hike it in the summer since I would not likely be able to get up this road in another couple months. This was my first solo hike attempt since I failed to summit Mt Princeton over a month ago. I took the Northwest Slopes route from the South Winfield trailhead; a class II hike 4 miles round trip, and 3400 elevation gain. It felt a lot longer than 4 miles but was a fairly easy hike and could almost qualify as a class I.


Here is a picture of my magical dissappearing act on the summit. You can see how a matter of less than a minute the clouds really change position. But lets get back to the beginning of the hike...

Near the end of the 2WDR dirt road you reach the area of Winfield which as far as I can tell is not a real town but more of a historical area. This is an old schoolhouse. There are also some mining houses from the 1800's and a couple other sites.

As my buddy Nayeem would say "this is no matter of joke". Actually the long dirt road was a total of almost 15 miles to the trailhead but only the last 2 were 4WDR and that was not as bad as some others I've been on.

Don't be fooled, I thought this was Huron but it turned out to be an imitator, you can't see Huron til you get above the treeline which is well into the hike. There is also another mountain to the West and slightly north of the trailhead that looks like Huron. When you get to the trailhead you see a gate and need to turn left where there is a sign for the Huron trail, within a couple minutes you see the sign in sheet, if you don't see it then you took a wrong turn. The trail is straightforward from there.

After some switchbacks you take a nice stroll through the forest on a easy trail.

Finally just about out of the trees and you can see the real Huron awaiting your summit.

Here you can see the trail up the side of Huron which is the high peak in the right hand side of the picture. The entire trail was very nice and easy. I felt it should be a class 1 not 2 but there were a few sections at the top that were a little steep and slippery since the trail was smooth. All in all a very easy 14er hike.

The fab four.

Yahoo, I made it.

People come from all over to hike CO, aren't we lucky to have this in our backyard.

The famed 3 Apostles with Ice mountain in the middle, nearly a 14er.

And then there was snow!

If you have never seen July snow this is what it looks like. It was coming down lightly while I was on the summit. The clouds started to look threatening so I headed down and the horizontal snow was pelting me in about 50 mile per hour winds. Fortunately the snow is soft but shaped like a pellet so it hurts on the bare skin but I was mostly covered. It stopped after a 15 minutes and the sun came out to melt the short lived snow.

With the sun out now the trail looks nice, just a walk in the park from here.

Only about 15 minutes after the previous picture the storms are building again and I would encounter very strong howling wind and light rain in the valley before I reached the trailhead. Fortunately the weather looked and sounded worst than it was on this occasion.

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