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Mt Lincoln, CO- Elevation 14,286- 07/10/04

Rick and I made our annual hike on Mt Lincoln from the Montgomery Reservoir trailhead. This was a class II+, 4 mile round trip and 3370 feet elevation gain. We were going to do another trail that was longer with less elevation gain but figured this would be faster (not so). The class II+ part was 400 feet of elevation gain up the headwall that leads to the amphitheater. This part was a little difficult and we at one point had to hike up a waterfall. Ricks dog Callie enjoyed the hike and did very well but seemed to be a little tired on the way down. The hike took us about 3.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down.

Here I am near the trailhead confident as ever with my newly found wooden hiking sticks.

Just a few minutes later I'm gasping for air and worrying about the weather.

Rick says "this is class II+, no problemo".

For some reason Rick felt compelled to take a picture of my rear. Actually I guess he was just trying to document how tough this headwall part of the climb was.

Here is a nice picture of a lone tree on the hike up.

There were lots of wildflowers which are usually very small versions of flowers that grow in lower elevations. These sunflowers were about 1.5 inches wide.

Nope the picture isn't crooked, that is the steep incline through the nasty scree which lasted most of the way up the trail, wait there wasn't a trail it was just rocks.

Here I am with Callie and the final summit of Mt Lincoln just behind us.

Rick ponders the amount of time it will take to finally reach the summit.

Here we are on the summit with our attitude poses.

Me signing the register sheet at the top of the mountain.

On the way back down some storms threatened and rained a little but cleared as fast as they came. Although the wind was blowing these trees just grow like this probably from the constant wind on the mountain.

Rick and Callie take it easy and do some fishing once we are back at Montgomery Reservoir.

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