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Mt Sherman, CO- Elevation 14,036- 07/12/03 (I can't remember the exact date but it was early July)

Now with three 14ers under my belt I was able to talk my fishing and drinking buddy Rick into hiking a 14er. I wasn't sure how up to the challenge he was so we picked what many considered to be the easiest one, Sherman. We hiked from the 4 mile creek trailhead and drove up just about as far as we could on the 4WDR road. Since we drove up part of the trail I'm not certain how much altitude we gained or how far we hiked. I would estimate it was about 2000 elevation gain and 4 miles round trip. All in all it was a nice easy hike but I still had trouble with my high altitude breathing, and keeping up with Rick. He beat me to the top, and back to the bottom.

At the trailhead I'm slapping some sunscreen on, in high altitude the UV rays are stronger so you can really get burned.

This is a view of the Sherman Summit from close to the trailhead.

This is the ruins of some old mine by the trailhead, there are several all over this mountain and many others. Many of the old buildings are in ruins.

Here I am taking a break already, I thought this was suppose to be easy.

Rick got tired of my breaks and decided to go ahead of me, he wanted to set a steady pace and go nonstop.

Rick beat me to the top on his first 14er attempt, here he raises his arms in victory. I wasn't trying to set any speed records and was just glad to make it to the top.

A picture of me on the summit. The clouds look harmless now but they were building up quickly.

On the trail Rick says "that was A-OK"

Here I'm pointing out my war wounds on my chin, actually I think these were from mountain biking, not hiking.

Ah, the road home.

This picture was taken on the way back close to highway 285, you can see the weather turned nasty fairly quickly so it was a good thing we got off the summit early. I believe Sherman is the flat peak in the middle.

Home Sports & Leisure Colorado 14ers Mt. Sherman