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Cooper Spur

August 25, 2012

Top Elevation of our hike- 8875 feet

Top Elevation of Mt Hood- 11,249 feet

Elevation gain of hike- 3000 feet

Weather- Sunny, 50-70 degrees, windy on the ridge.

Hiking time- 5 hours

Distance- 5.6 miles round trip

Trailhead- Cooper Spur

Northeast side of Mt Hood

I tried this hike a couple of years ago but had to turn back because the trail was closed due to a forest fire. This time I called ahead to make sure it was open. Chad and I both want to climb Mt Hood so this was a good way to get a closer look at the summit, and one of the more technical routes up to the top.

We stopped in the morning to get some coffee at the very cool Dog River coffee shop in Hood River.

The dirt road up to the Cloud Cap inn took a little longer than we thought, making the total drive to the trailhead about 2.5 hours.

Some trees from a forest fire.

On the trail again.

Mt Hood from the trail.

Another shot of Hood.

Sign for the Tilly Jane/Cooper Spur Trail. You can see here the hump on the ridge that we would climb up to, and then a little further up the ridge to the edge of the glacier.

One of several shelters on Mt Hood.

Self Portrait.

This is a really cool picture, you can see Chad on the left side of the pic hiking up on the ridge.

The infamous Elliot Glacier. Some believe there are lost bodies still stuck in the crevases of this glacier. We didn't see any ghosts but I believe it is a likely resting place for a few unlucky climbers that never left the mountain and were never recovered.

This is almost at the hump in the ridge seen in the picture earlier. From here you can see the ridge to the glacier is not downhill as it looks from a distance. The ridge was very windy, I estimate 40-50 mph winds, and cold too.

Looking back down the mountain you can see some climbers negotiating the maze of trails and rocks.

A memorial to some Japanese climbers.

Chad says lets just go to the summit now, its not that much farther!

Indeed the climb looks deceptively easy from this angle, but the upper parts of the glacier exceed 50 degrees, and climbing at this time of year would be crazy because of the rock and icefall danger from above.

A good accomplishment for today, maybe the summit next year...

Chad shows off his crazy hair.

Some nice flowers on the trail back.

Back on the Timberline trail.

The last stretch of the trail before getting back to the trailhead. Another beautiful day on Mt Hood.

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