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South Sister Summit

The Pacific Northwest is a whole new hiking world for me. Hiking/mountaineering is not quite the same sport for me without the challenge of the 54 14ers that I was used to climbing in Colorado, but there are new and different challenges to look forward to in our new northwest home. One of them is the 16 Major PNW peaks as defined by the Mazamas Climbing organization. Strangely enough I can't seem to find this information directly on the Mazamas website any more even though I did see it last year. In any case these are not necessarily the highest peaks in the PNW, but they are the most recognizable and important in the climbing community. So far I have summited one of them, South Sister, which is an active volcano and meets the requirement to become a Mazamas member, which I plan to join in the near future. Shown in the picture on this page from left to right are two of my favorite travel gnomes Sparky and Jojo at the summit of South Sister.

I plan to post a variety of hikes on this page. They will be ranked from 1-5 in difficulty and strenuousness, with 1 being the easiest such as a walk on the beach, and 5 being the most difficult such as climbing Mt Rainier. Note this is nothing official, just my personal opinion and may depend on conditions or my experience with the hike on that particular day. I've racked up quite a few hikes since moving here but haven't had time to post them all so be sure to check back for new updates.

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