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Here it is, my first real dive. Actually I was getting my open water certification at King Fisher Pond south of Denver. It was September, cold and rainy. The water temp was about 71 degrees and the air temp was colder. Visibility was less than 5 feet, but as my instructor said if you can get certified in these conditions then you are good to go when it comes time for the real deal. Although this wasn't a really fun dive I'd rather do my tests here than somewhere in the carribean where all you really want to do is have fun and look around.

If you are interested in getting certified I'd recommend the PADI cert, it takes a little self study and about 16 hour of classroom and pool time to get your first cert. Once you have that you have one year to complete 4 open water dives over 2 days where they test your skills in a real diving environment. You can take the open water course anywhere in the world. I think I paid a couple hundred for the first cert and classes, and about the same for the second open water cert. Once you have that you are certified for life and are able to dive down to 60 feet. For more information visit Padi's website

This page is a portal to all my scuba diving adventures, which are only a couple right now but I hope to add at least one or two a year. The shark dive is something I did recently in the Bahamas and one of those once in a lifetime wish list kind of things. It far exceeded my expectations and was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. If you want to see the video just go to the shark video page and follow the instructions there. Keep in mind it will play much better if you save it to your computer and play it from the hard drive instead of off the internet.

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