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Shark Feed Dive in the Bahamas!

This page is a collection of scuba diving videos. The shark diving videos are clips from a movie Stuart Coves filmed of Rick and I during a Shark Feeding Dive in the Bahamas in August 2003. I recently got an underwater camera (canon S70) that will take short video clips and will post those here as I take them.

Shark Dive Videos-This was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I guess I didn't really think it would be a big deal until we got into the dive and I saw how many sharks there were and how close they were to us. It was simply awesome. We bought the full 30 minute DVD from Stuart coves and I put some of the best sections into these video clips. The long version is 5 minutes and pretty large at 10 megabytes. The shorter versions are friendlier for dial up users and I saved it with two different songs or no song at all.

Jackfish- I took this video during a dive in Balicasag Philippines. It is a school of Jackfish that came right up to us, really amazing!

Balicasag-This vid is nothing exciting but gives you an idea of what some of the basic reefs look like in the Philippines.

Clownfish- This is one of the common clownfish we saw all over the place. There were plenty that looked like Nemo too. The dive instructor told me to make a fist and they will bite at your wetsuit like in this clip. Before he told me that I stuck my finger out and one actually bit it. I was surprised but he didn't draw blood.