The end of the line

by Marcel on July 1, 2005

Hello, if you’re reading this then you’ve gone way back to our blog beginnings. Well not really, I’m writing this in 2010 as a prequel to our EuroTrip blogs that are not publicly posted anymore. There are some older pre-2005 blogs from our Colorado days that are missing too, but due to technical difficulties I lost some of those. The rest of the 2005 missing blogs were either EuroTrip preparation blog posts, or posts during our trip. I plan to include those blogs, or at least a large part of the material from them, in a memoir about our 4 month trip in Europe. I don’t know yet how this will be released (e-book, real book, or PDF file on CosmicAdventure), but that is not important. What is important is that I have actually started working on writing it, even if Charlotte and I are the only ones who will ever read it. The release date is an unknown future date. For now I’ve decided to not make the EuroTrip blogs public after importing all of my blogs from B2 to WordPress in late 2010, but rest assured they are still documented along with our pictures and journals. I figured if people can log onto our website and read the blogs then nobody will want to read the book. At least this way there will be some suspense when it finally does come out. If you just can’t wait and need to know more about our trip you can get a few breadcrumbs on our EuroTrip page, and from the pictures in the Gallery section of the website. For everything else all I can say is its on the way someday.  :detective:

Nice, France

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