Here Comes the Sun

by Marcel on May 22, 2009

Yahoo, I finally got a new job:!: The sun is coming out for the summer and I’m working at company called Sun. Things are looking up:yes: So far I really like my new job. The culture at Sun is very similar to other high tech companies. In other words the facilities and work environment is great, everybody is laid back and friendly, and somehow the work seems to still get done. Unfortunately I am just on a short term contract, but it is a rotating basis where I work 6 weeks, and then have 2 months off before starting back to work again. Not the best situation, but I’ll take what I can get in Oregon which has the second worst unemployment rate in the country.

During my 2 months off previous to getting this new contact I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished. In fact I was so busy I would often wonder how I managed to get everything done before when I was working 40+ hours a week. Projects I completed like painting our office would take a full work week or more to complete. I rarely watched TV but I did watch a movie almost every night. All in all I think I watched about 40 movies in two months, including some oldies like the Godfather trilogy. Most people watch TV about 2 hours a day so this wasn’t really stretch considering I rarely watch regular tv programming. I probably spent more time reading books anyway, courtesy of the local library. Mostly those new fancy colorful comic books (not like the old days), a few tech books, and a really good dog book called “Merle’s Door” which I’m almost finished reading. Now that I’m working it’s back to 1 or 2 movies per week, and reading a little bit before going to bed.

Amazingly I also managed to lose weight during my off time, about 8 pounds. The work I was doing before required a lot of calories, and so I was eating several times a day and always seemed hungry. While not working or having to get up so early I got back into my regular routine schedule where I would work out 3 times a week, and eat lighter meals about 3 times a day. Additionally I stayed active hiking and taking long walks with Mulder, sometimes a couple times a day.

One of the coolest things I did during my time off was escape to California for a long weekend to visit my mom, aunt, and cousin. Having been a contractor for the last year I went without sick or vacation time, so this trip was overdue. I would’ve liked to have a longer visit but the problem with being on unemployment is that you can’t leave for more than a few days because you have to be available for work and interviews. Also you don’t have as much money as you normally would, which tends to be a major inconvenience. Nevertheless I did have a good visit to the Bay area and really enjoyed taking a tour of Napa Valley with my mom. On the way back home I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California to complete the missing section that I had not previously been on. This included going through Mendocino, and a second trip to Redwood National Park, which is unbelievably amazing88|

At the end of my break from work my dad came out to visit for 10 days. Although I started working again in the middle of his visit we still had time to take a trip to Newport on the Central Oregon coast, go hiking at Silver Falls, and kayaking in the Willamette River. The kayaking was really fun, and funny when dad tipped over his kayak and fell in the river. Somehow he managed to keep his hair dry which is good because that river flows through downtown and is probably not nearly as clean as the many famous national scenic rivers we have in Oregon.

Besides painting and spring cleaning probably the biggest project I completed was gardening. With Charlottes help I created a second 4’x4’ raised square foot garden with an additional 16 plants. My plant choices were mostly pepper and tomato plants. Along with the berry bushes I planted along the side of the house we have a grand total of about 50 fruit and veggie plants going this year giving new meaning to the saying “Grow Your Own”. If you want to hear more about our gardening adventures be sure to read Charlottes blog at where she frequently writes about gardening and other home projects.

All in all I didn’t get half of the things done that I wanted to during my downtime, but I do feel completely refreshed and excited to be back to work. All of the people I work with now are just as cool as the people from my old job. It’s not likely I will ever get hired on at this company, but for now it should hold me over until I find a job where I can get hired on. Until then I’ll be basking in the Sun and enjoying more cosmicadventures this summer with Charlotte and Foxhound Mulder:>>


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