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by Marcel on May 3, 2010

Yes it’s true; there haven’t been a lot of updates lately, especially in the blog. However I do have big plans for the site in the next year or so including lots of new galleries, updating the code to improve the look and layout of the site, and maybe a few blogs here and there. Charlotte and I have a few other web projects going so that has kept us quite busy lately. Her main blog is now at JavaFoto. Since she writes frequently about our week to week activities I haven’t felt the need to duplicate those efforts here. Most of my writing time has been dedicated to GreenCropCircles which is a blog about green and healthy living.

Additionally I’ve been working on writing some new travel stories and maybe even a book about our travels in Europe. If the book ever comes to light it will likely be published in an e-book download format. Don’t get too excited yet and start asking me for autographs, I still have a long ways to go on this project. As far as everything else we’ve been up to lately here is the abbreviated rundown.

Last fall I went to North Carolina for a week to meet up with my dad and sister. We visited my grandma, aunt and cousins while there. Even though Grandma is 92 she is still baking cookies and getting out and about town! Dad and I checked out the cool town of Asheville for a few days and then I rented a car so I could drove down to Atlanta to visit some old friends from Florida; Brian, JJ, and Brian’s better half Tammi. It was great to see everyone!

In January I had another week off from work so I drove up to Vancouver BC and snowboarded at Whistler just before the Olympics. It was really cool to ride on the best mountain in North America and see all the pre-Olympic excitement. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s a beautiful place with friendly people and lots of cool things to see and do. On the way home I stopped at Mt Baker in northern Washington which is another great place to ride.

Charlotte is planning a trip to Victoria BC this summer when her family comes out to visit. Victoria is very different from Vancouver. While Vancouver is more like Hong Kong, Victoria is more like a classic European city. Both cities are beautiful and great places to visit.

We’re hoping to take an international trip sometime in the next year and possibly a trip to Florida, but funds are still tight for us after the great recession so we’ll see how it goes.

Charlotte is still at the same job and doing well there. She was employee of the quarter a while back! I’m also at the same gig since last May. I’ve had a few layoffs for a week or two here and there but have been pretty steady at Sun Microsystems which has now been taken over by Oracle. The job market is improving so if my contract does end abruptly then I’ll be in a good position for a new job, I hope…

Other than regular work Charlotte and I have started an online multimedia business at This will be an umbrella for all of our creative talent including web design, writing, photography, and any other creative work we might do. Mainly I want to focus on building websites for clients, professional photography, and writing my book. Hopefully this will turn into a full time business as our clientele grows.

I finally joined Facebook last year and have to say I have mixed feelings about it. It’s great to have a network of people you know, and cool that some people are so into it. However I feel like some folks overuse and clog up the whole network with all these applications, causes, and insignificant blurbs about nothing. I guess it’s all in fun but on the rare occasion I log into FB all I see in the news feed is so and so won a prize in some random application, or got lost in a virtual world, or had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I just can’t relate to these things, and so Facebook has kind of lost the appeal of what it was designed for, which is to keep in touch with people you know. Maybe I’m just old fashioned? Anyway if you know me and want to add me as a friend go ahead, but be forewarned I am what some might call a facebook slacker. I rarely log in and simply don’t accept invitations for applications, causes, quizzes, and reluctant to use anything that might potentially share my personal information with the rest of the world. As far as keeping in touch goes, good old fashioned email works best for me.

So far this year I’ve been hitting the gym, snowboarding, and gardening. The rainy season is just about over and hiking season is about to begin. I just got my fishing license and once again plan to go for salmon which so far has eluded me. Charlotte and I are both planning on doing a lot more recreation this summer including a few weekend trips to Crater Lake, the coast, and hopefully some camping trips. We’d love to take a week off and go on vacation together somewhere but with no dog sitter it’s kind of hard to get up and go like we used to.

Since Mulder is a very spoiled doggie we don’t feel comfortable putting him in the pet hotel for more than a weekend. I guess that just means we’ll have to do more local stuff and take him with us. Fortunately Portland is a very dog-friendly town with lots of doggie events and festivals that allow dogs :p

Mulder is like a movie star everywhere we go! We always get questions about what breed he is so we finally decided to get a DNA test done. He is approximately half Chesapeake Bay retriever, about 25% Jindo, and possibly a trace of Shetland sheepdog. Charlotte wrote a blog about this including pictures of those breeds so if you want to know more check out this link.

Although I’ve been slacking off on the photo galleries we do have thousands of pictures of Mulder and local places and events we’ve been to. I have some galleries that I’m currently working on that are just pictures of special agent Mulder. Once they are ready for viewing they will be listed on the main home page updates section. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a few recent pics from the archives.

Mulder says “why so serious”?

Mulder cozies his bed up to my office chair and says “hey Pa, lets go fishing- YeeHaw”!

Later on Mulder makes his bed into a dog couch, also known as the “taco bed”. Yep, he does this on his own and has several variations.

Mulder in action playing fetch.

Charlotte and Mulder pose for the look alike contest.

Mulder and I win the look alike contest.

Downtown Portland at night.

Charlotte October 7, 2010 at 9:14 AM

Mulder is the most handsomest doggie ever!!!

Mulder October 12, 2010 at 10:17 PM


As usual I’m the star of this post:dog:

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