Welcome to the New Cosmic Blog!

by Marcel on October 15, 2010

There is a new blog sheriff in town and its WordPress :rightful: The old outdated B2 evolution software is being locked up and arrested- key thrown away! It was great in its time, but it’s essentially obsolete now so it’s time to move into the next decade with WordPress. WP is what nearly every blogger uses now, and for good reason. There is no easy way to transfer my old blog posts to this software so I had to do it manually, and unfortunately I might not be able to import any of the old comments. It’s still a work in progress so maybe… I’ll also attach a RSS feed icon to the top menu for anyone who wants to subscribe to email updates after I have publicized most of the old posts from B2. Not all of the old blog posts will show up right away, and some may stay hidden. For more information about the new blog see the about page. For now WordPress is still a Cosmic construction zone so changes are imminent.  :warning:

WordPress does a much better job with blocking spam bots that leave automated comments, so hopefully I will be able to leave the comments section open longer on new blog posts. I’ve also upgraded to a full army of smilies which commenters will also have access to. I’ve noticed they are a little squirrelly, so if you have any problems getting them to render properly please let me know. I’ll probably add even more smilies to the corral in the near future. Previous readers know how much I like to use smilies, and I’m sure some people are annoyed by them, but you can’t please everyone so here they are. :spiderman:

While I’m on the subject of website updates I might as well mention that I’m updating all the main areas of the website over the next few months. The X-files page, and Links page have been somewhat updated along with a few other minor details, other pages are in queue. The excellent Menalto photo gallery software version 3 has been released and I have installed it, but it’s not publicly linked yet. I plan to import all of the old photo galleries first; you’ll see it linked at the top navigation bar as Gallery 3 when that happens. Eventually I’d like to upgrade the entire design of the website but for now it works, and like they say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. :rolleyes:

I’ve noticed a movement lately on the web, and a lot of its centered in Portland. There is a blog revolution going on. :hippie: I liken it to the 60’s hippie movement in San Francisco, or the Seattle Grunge music scene in the early 90’s. Something is going on, people are gathering around, and we hope to be right in the middle of it. It’s happening everywhere of course, but the West Coast and Portland especially seem to be a major hub of activity in the Blogosphere. I’ve been blogging casually for many years, but some of these newcomers have taken it to a whole new level :ninja:

Many of these blog stars are from Portland and have made a career out of blogging! As I develop this new WordPress blog I will likely start adding some of my favorite blogs to the blogroll in the sidebar, so if you like blogs check them out, or create your own at Blogger. In an attempt to make a stand alone blogging site I created GreenCropCircles and Charlotte created PurpleYamHill, which are both still in their infancy. Only time will tell if anyone actually reads what we have to blog about, but for now it’s just fun to be in the blogging community. If you know of a cool blog site that you think I should check out be sure to leave a comment and link to it. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a Halloween picture that only Mulder could pull off . :lol1:

Happy Halloween!

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