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I first started blogging sometime around 2003-2004. I’ve always enjoyed writing journals, stories, articles, and you name it. In the old days there really was no home for my writings, but with blogging that has all changed. With this new media outlet I’ve had a chance to develop and refine my writing and storytelling skills. I still have a long way to go before anything I write will be a literary classic. However it is my goal to someday become a published author, even if its only an e-book.

The first software I used when I started blogging was B2, and later B2 evolution. While it did have some fancy themes and an ok admin area, the software eventually became outdated and difficult to upgrade. Finally in 2010 with a great deal of effort I manually imported most of my old blog posts into wordpress. Most of these will be republished to the public over the next few months until the blog transition is completed by the end of 2010. Some blogs such as the travel posts may remain private since I plan to consolidate them into a memoir along with new writings. The really old posts previous to 2005 were lost due to technical difficulties (not my fault) that I won’t get into here. In any case I think I’ve taken measures so that doesn’t happen again.

Lately I’ve expanded my blog writing to other websites that Charlotte and I run. Eventually I may start guest posting on other blogs if the opportunity arises. This blog is and has always been a personal blog meant mostly for friends, family, and curious onlookers. Since Charlotte posts so much about what is going with us at JavaFoto I typically only post here a few times a year. Additionally the CosmicAdventure website has a lot of other content such as photo galleries and trip reports so this blog is more of a compliment to other material on the site. In any case I really enjoy writing here so check back from time to time to see what’s going on with the Cosmic Blog :alien:


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Mike December 11, 2010 at 9:11 PM

Hey Marcel,
This is Mike & Jacquie… we wanted to say Merry Christmas and thanks for the Holiday Card! Next time you’re out East, let me know and we’ll go backpacking.
We hope you two have a great Christmas!

Cheers, Mike

suzy sammons May 11, 2012 at 3:25 PM

Hi Mike! I love your photos!! I’ll spend more time here in the future, but I wondered if I could use one of your images in my blog. I have a new (small) blog that only gets about 400 visitors a week (so far!). I’m posting a story about teaching our kids about sex (!) and using the metaphor of “lots of boats in the harbor.” Ha. Anyway, i couldn’t find a direct email, so here I am asking your permission to use the shot of Monaco as a featured image. Let me know.

I anticipate growing this blog and would love to use more of your scenery pictures along the way. Let me know!
Thanks so much

Donna Lindberg July 21, 2016 at 1:52 PM

I am making gift things for the Cape Blanco Lighthouse gift shop. I love your picture of Cape Blanco Lighthouse. The project I am currently working on needs different pictures of Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Is there a possibility I can use your picture? It is an awesome picture. Thank you Donna

Oh loved the photos of your trip!

marcel July 21, 2016 at 3:44 PM

Hello, thank you for for the compliment and contacting me about the photo. Generally speaking I don’t mind if people use my photos for nonprofit purposes as long as they ask first, and they don’t use photos that have pictures of people or pets in them. If you just want to use the image for a personal project, town tourism promotion, or something like that then no problem.

If it to be used in a ‘for profit’ purpose such as selling a piece of merchandise with the photo on it then I would suggest using a stock photography site like dreamstime.com (there are many others too) where you can search for and download images for free or very low cost like .20 cents. That way it officially gives the photographer credit and you don’t have to worry about any licensing issues; plus you will get nice edited full res photo to use. Thanks- Marcel

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