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The 2012 collage descriptions are starting in the upper left hand corner and then circling clockwise towards the center.
1. Mulder soaking up the sun at Canon Beach.
2. Cruizin to Alaska.
3. Oregon license plate.
4. Just below the Oregon plate is a picture of the ski hut at Mt Hood Skibowl.
5. Charlotte kayaking at Vancouver Lake with Mt Hood in the background.
6. Charlotte and I cross into the Yukon Territories in Canada.
7. Charlotte and Mulder at Canon Beach.
8. Charlotte and I in the Skibowl hut.
9. The White Pass train in Alaska.
10. Downtown Seattle from the cruise ship.
11. Downtown Portland from the Pittock Mansion.
12. Charlotte and I visiting family in Las Vegas for New Years 2013.
13. Getting back on skis at Mt Hood Skibowl (yep, it is as steep as it looks).
14. The Tracy Fjord glacier in Alaska was calving ice as we watched.
15. Getting ready to ride the famous White Pass Train back to Skagway.
16. Charlotte poses for a picture in a local Portland pub.
17. Charlotte and I having fun at the Coldplay concert, we also saw Esperanza Spalding and Roger Waters in 2012.
18. You can walk behind Upper Horsetail Falls waterfall in the Columbia Gorge.
19. We took a road trip to The Dalles in Eastern Oregon.
20. Charlotte and Mom in Victoria Canada.
21. Charlotte on Belmont at Saint Cupcake.
22. Charlotte poses for a sunset portrait at Laguna Beach, California.
23. Better late than never, I finally finish an Associate's degree (with honors). Now about that BA degree...
24. "The pack" hiking in Forest Park in Portland.
25. The family reunion group poses for a picture overlooking Canon Beach.
26. Charlotte eating at one of the many outstanding food carts in Portland.
27. Chad and I explored the very cool Ape Cave near Mt St Helens.
28. My sister Tara stopped by to visit us this fall and we went out for Pho (Vietnamese soup). We saw her again in Cali.
29. Hiking in the rain with Chad doing the challenging Elks/Kings Loop in the Tillamook forest.

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