Aloha and Hola

by Marcel May 1, 2011 Travel Tales

Aloha! As some of you know Charlotte and I made a recent trip to Hawaii back in April, and I also made a trip to Panama and Peru in May/June. There has been a lot going on with us lately so the website and blog have taken a backseat, but I have plenty of pics […]

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Travel Hacking

by Marcel January 4, 2011 Randomness

Charlotte and I started doing a goal setting exercise every year in January where we outline all of the things we want to accomplish that year. We even go as far as creating different categories and for some things an expected time frame to complete the goal. Some categories are Spiritual, Travel, Major Purchases, Education, […]

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by Marcel June 10, 2008 Imported posts from old Blog

Some of you may have been surprised to see the puppy pictures in the gallery 2 and wondered where that wild animal came from. You’re probably wondering “Have those cosmic vagabonds finally settled down, and why would they want a doggie”? Well to answer your question in the best way I know how I thought […]

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